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Top Car and Insurance Tips for Students 2022

Tuesday, November 30, 2021


During the pandemic, many people turned to learning new skills such as driving. There are more new drivers on the road than ever. For students, a car can be very expensive when you are juggling college, exams, and part-time jobs. At, along with great car insurance quotes, we're giving you the best tips for students for their car and insurance.

Buy a Diesel Car

As a student, the hours you can work are reduced and money can be tough while you are in college. When buying a car, some people forget the cost of running the vehicle every week and with recent government taxes, it can be as high as 100 euro week for some people in petrol for people heading to work or college most days. Considering a diesel car while in college can be a good investment as the cost of diesel is much cheaper than petrol and can leave you with more money each week for essentials.

Buy a Smaller Engine Size

Smaller Engine sizes are easier to control on the road when starting out but a car insurance broker generally charge less when you have smaller engine sizes.

Make Sure to Keep a Jack and Spare Wheel

Emergencies happen and it's wise to make sure you have a spare wheel if a tire punctures or bursts. Having a jack is important to be able to lift the car so you can take the wheel off easier.

Buy your EDT Lessons in Bulk

EDT lessons are usually expensive when you are paying by the hour with costs on average ranging from 35- 50 euro. Driving Instructors and Driving Schools usually have great value discounts if you buy 6 or 12 upfront.

Have a named Driver

Having a full license driver on your insurance policy can often reduce your insurance costs. Adding an experienced driver, a parent, or family member.

Buy from a reputable dealer

The used car market can be a bit of a mess when buying from the general public. When you’re new and don’t know what to look out for in a car. You can end up buying a bad car that may not pass an NCT and end up losing money selling the cars for parts, you will have a big mechanics bill or even have costs of a new car and updated insurance policy to deal with. If you deal with a reputable dealership, you may pay a bit more but you will get a warranty usually which will come useful if there's issues with the car and you need to return it. But it's always advisable to bring a mechanic with you when buying a car or someone who is very knowledgeable about cars who can take a better look,

Share a Car

When starting to drive, if you can get insured with a sibling or get on your parent's insurance policy this will reduce your costs when you are starting to drive. So you can get your name on a policy, so your insurance will be cheaper in future years when you buy your own car.

Pay your car insurance in installments

It is cheaper to pay for your car insurance upfront but for a new student driver, you may be looking at insurance prices of 1500-3000 and that’s a big amount to pay. You can get a loan but the interest may work out the same as paying your insurance cost monthly. This breaks the costs up so it's more manageable to afford.

At, we want to ensure that all our young and learner drivers are safe on Irish roads and have access to a cheap car insurance with best benefits. If you want a great young driver insurance policy or need a great quote, reach out to us today!