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Automatic Car Driving: A Comprehensive Guide

Friday, 15 December 2023


Automatic car driving is a popular option for young drivers in Ireland. Are you ready to bid farewell to the manual gear grind and embrace the smooth simplicity of automatic car driving? As a young driver, the prospect of navigating the roads in an automatic car opens up a world of convenience and ease.

Not only do we provide great car insurance in Ireland, but we also offer advice, tips, and tricks for young drivers to ensure a hassle-free journey on the road. So, let's dive into the nuances of driving an automatic car, from lessons to pedals, and even obtaining your driver’s licence. 



The Benefits of Driving an Automatic Car

Driving an automatic car is becoming more and more popular amongst younger generations, especially in Ireland. With the convenience that comes with driving an automatic car, many young adults are switching over from manual to automatic and reaping the rewards.

Not to mention, most new cars have an automatic transmission and they’re expected to account for as much as a quarter of the market by 2025. From stress-free and convenient driving to improved safety, there are many advantages to making the switch. 


1. Reduced Stress in Learning

For new drivers, automatic cars provide a more relaxed learning experience, allowing you to focus on road awareness without juggling gears. If you’re learning or just getting used to driving, you can take the time to perfect your skills without worrying about manual car pedals or gear changing on top of everything else.  


2. Convenience

An automatic car means that drivers no longer need to worry about pressing the clutch and changing the gears, freeing up their concentration to focus on the road. Plus, it can be especially helpful when driving in heavy traffic or in a busy city centre. Automatic cars are also a great choice for taxi drivers in Ireland.


3. Safety

Another major advantage of driving an automatic car is increased safety. With fewer distractions, drivers can focus their attention on the road. That means a more relaxed and stress-free experience, making it safer for drivers and other road users. Not only that, but you’ll never need to worry about stalling or rolling backwards on a hill. You can keep both hands on the wheel the whole time!  


4. Money Savings

While automatic cars can be more expensive to buy than manual cars, they can also save drivers money in the long term. With an automatic car, drivers won’t have to replace manual parts such as gearboxes or clutches. They can also take advantage of better fuel efficiency.

This means that drivers can save money on expensive repairs and enjoy lower fuel bills, potentially making up for the difference in initial cost over time. 


5. Accessibility

Whether you're a seasoned driver or a beginner, automatic cars cater to all age groups, providing a seamless driving experience. Moreover, for individuals with decreased mobility or specific physical conditions, the simplicity of automatic cars offers a more accessible and comfortable option, ensuring everyone can enjoy the freedom of the road. 



Automatic Car Driving Lessons

Embarking on driving lessons in an automatic car is a journey toward mastering the art of effortless driving. It's crucial to choose the right guidance. Opting for an RSA-approved driving instructor who specialises in automatic car driving lessons ensures you're in capable hands.

With their expertise, you'll delve into the nuances of automatic vehicles, mastering the art of seamless driving. Seek an instructor who not only imparts technical skills but also instils confidence and safety awareness. Your journey to becoming a skilled driver begins with the right instructor. 

Psst… no need to worry about car insurance. The good news is, when you have lessons with an approved driving instructor, you’re covered by their policy.  

Wondering how much are driving lessons in Ireland? Click here to learn more.  

Understanding Automatic Car Pedals

One of the key elements of your automatic driving lessons is getting to know the pedals in the car. Unlike manual cars, automatic cars only have two pedals rather than three: the accelerator and the brake. There is no clutch pedal in an automatic car, so there’s no need for gear changing as you drive. You'll need to use these at the right times to drive the car safely and efficiently. 



Obtaining Your Driving Licence: The Final Lap

So, you've conquered the theory test, obtained your provisional licence, and honed your skills with lessons. What's next on the road to freedom? It's time to tackle the practical driving test. Remember, passing your driving test in an automatic car limits your licence, meaning you’ll only be licenced to drive automatic cars.

Opting for a manual test widens your driving scope, allowing you to navigate both manual and automatic vehicles in that category. If your vehicle is not automatic, consider hiring one for the test to ensure you're equipped to handle any transmission on the road. Ready to steer your way to an automatic driving licence

As a young driver, embracing automatic car driving is not just about convenience; it's about driving confidently. The seamless operation, reduced learning stress, and smooth manoeuvrability make automatic cars an attractive choice.

Now, as you embark on your automatic driving journey, ensure you're covered on the road. At, we've got your back. Visit our website for a car insurance quote today and hit the road with confidence!