Lessons, a full licence and one year driving experience can reduce the cost of young drivers’ car insurance

Young drivers have faced significant challenges when it comes to motor insurance in recent years. But at Coverinaclick.ie, we say that while their first year on the road can be expensive, an analysis of premiums between year one and year two demonstrates a sharp fall in costs. We want to let young motorists know that more affordable premiums are insight and that if they can see out the first year and take the necessary steps to help themselves, young drivers could see their premiums slashed.

Figures reveal that a 21-year-old provisional driver with no experience could pay as much as €3,936 in the first year, but with just one-year driving experience, no claims and a full licence behind them, they can now secure a premium of €932 by switching him or her to one of the new specialist Lloyds underwriters.

Jonathan Hehir, Managing Director of Coverinaclick.ie is advising those who are about to embark on their motoring journey to be prudent in their approach and to do what they can themselves to cut costs,

“While insurers are the ones who set the prices, young drivers still have some control over their fate in terms of the premiums they pay – particularly once they have gained some driving experience. We ran the numbers and if these drivers can reach and complete three driving “milestones” i.e. get 12 professional lessons, attain their full licence and earn a one year No Claims Bonus, then they will see a huge reduction in what they are charged for motor insurance, as we can switch them to one of our Lloyds underwriters. Even those who only manage two out of three and don’t get their test in the first year will still see a marked decrease in premiums”.

Coverinaclick.ie say that young drivers face greater challenges than other drivers when securing the best value on the market, which is why nine times out of 10, they would be better off using a broker with access to the often much cheaper Lloyds market for them, rather than just being limited to direct insurers based here.

Mr. Hehir explained,

“There is limited competition in the first-time market – a first-time driver might only have five insurers looking to quote, whereas a driver with a full no claims bonus could have 15+ insurers looking to quote for their business. Basically, these drivers need to know where to look as it’s a bit of a niche market, what’s more not all brokers will specialize in this category – you need to find one who has rate agreements in place with specialist insurers who will do young driver a decent ‘deals’.”

*Prices shown refer to young drivers who have completed two of the three driving “milestones” i.e. get 12 professional lessons, attain their full license and earn a one-year No Claims Bonus. Terms and conditions apply.


Top tips for young and/or new drivers

“There are several steps drivers can take to ensure they get the best value motor insurance premium. Moving from a provisional to a full license has definite cost-cutting benefits, and drivers can save up to 30% on their premiums simply by achieving their full licence. The advent of the N-plate (a compulsory disc to be displayed for newly qualified drivers for a period of two years), has had little impact, and no insurer has indicated any changes/or new rates based on the new ‘N’ plate law.”

The Coverinaclick.ie Top Tips for a better car insurance rates include

  1. Get lessons – discounts will be offered by certain insurers for drivers who have completed 12 lessons from a qualified driver instructor
  2. Get your full licence
  3. If possible plan ahead – try get experience by being added to a parent’s policy for a period to help get the driving test. While traditionally most insurers will insist on a full year, some providers offer discounts to young drivers who have six months’ experience on their parent’s policy
  4. Look at the model and engine size of the car you are going to buy. Don’t be afraid to ask for different quotes for various cars
  5. Check the differences between third party fire and theft and comprehensive, according to the value of the vehicle
  6. If you want to teach your teenager to drive, cost out the various alternatives – adding them to your or your spouse’s cover or arranging separate cover for them – don’t assume that one will be cheaper than the other
  7. Remember that some insurance companies, specialising in insuring young drivers, are only available through certain brokers


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