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If you are under 25, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to choose the policy that’s right for you and help you save some cash at the same time. We let you identify the policy benefits that are relevant for you and avoid paying hidden extras for benefits that you’ll never use! At we understand that each and every policy is different, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get car insurance that’s tailored just for you!


At, we want to reduce the premiums of Ireland’s young driver. If you are new to driving or have some tips to help your car insurance premium. For many young drivers, it can prove to be quite difficult to pass the driving test. However, this can be the only viable way of getting themselves on an insurance policy.

We understand that younger drivers who have minimal driving experience need to be given the chance to get reduced insurance rates, which will give them an opportunity to build up their own No Claims Bonus. We are able to offer much needed competitive car insurance quotes which assists the needs of young and first time drivers. This includes taking Named Driver Experience into consideration.


At, a simple insurance review at renewal can save you a massive amount on your premium. Based on dealings with hundreds of motorists every day, it is evident that a full assessment can lead to huge savings, depending on a wide range of factors, both in and outside the control of motorists themselves. You can read about it here by seeing our blog HERE.

One of the most important factors when it comes to saving on your insurance is knowing what type of cover you require. If you are unsure, you should always ask the insurer as they can recommend the cover that suits your needs.

There are many things that are out of your control when it comes to your insurance costs, which is why you should try to take caution with the variables that you can control. Examples of this include potentially adding a second experienced driver to your policy, the type of car you drive, particularly if you’re a first time driver, and also avoiding penalty points will help to decrease your insurance premium.

For young and first time drivers, getting your first car insurance can prove to be quite a stressful time. However, it is recommended that completing lessons and/or getting at least one year Named Driving Experience can cut costs significantly when it comes to getting your first insurance policy. This allows many insurance companies to provide a discounted premium. 

On top of this, young drivers also have to prepare for their driving test, which can also be a stressful time. Our specialists have some top tips in helping you to prepare for your driving test… See our blog on How To Avoid Stress When Preparing For Your Driving Test.

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As each car insurance policy is different, insurance companies will all have a list of various car insurance benefits and within these benefits the levels of cover will also differ. For example with Breakdown Assistance some insurance company may also include Home Start Cover at no extra charge. At you can see at a glance if this is included in the car insurance for young drivers quote. This may be something you would like to include or maybe you don’t – the idea is you get to choose what you want included on your young driver car insurance quote.


Breakdown Assistance will provide you with roadside and home start support in the event of a breakdown. This will guarantee a seamless recovery with the aim of getting your car back on the road as quickly as possible. Be sure to ask your insurer about their Breakdown Assistance policy to ensure you have the best possible cover.

Windscreen Cover allows the policyholder to recoup the cost of any windscreen repairs, which includes full windscreen replacement if necessary.  Fully Comprehensive insurance policies usually have windscreen cover as standard. With Third Party Fire & Theft cover, it is usually an add on in the region of €35.  Windscreen claims usually don’t affect your No Claims Bonus, however you should always ask your insurer to be certain.

Step Back Bonus Protection typically costs less than Full Bonus Protection, however it also offers you a lower form of cover. If there is a claim made against your insurance, you can lose part of your No Claims Discount. An example of this is if you have five years No Claims Bonus before a claim is made, this can be stepped back to 2-3 years meaning there is a reduction in your no claims discount, however it is partially protected.

One of our dedicated young driver insurance specialists are waiting to help you choose the benefits and cover that will work best for you. Call us on 01 231 9310 or click below to get started with your quote now.

Full Bonus Protection can be the most expensive option when you are protecting your no claims history, however it is the greatest level of protection. It is beneficial if there is a claim made against your insurance. It means that you won’t lose any of your years of no claims driving keeping your no claims discount fully protected.

It is recommended that you ask your insurer for any curb or exception to the protection. There are cases where the protection may not apply if there are multiple claims within a certain amount of time. It also may only apply when the claim is under a certain financial amount.

All the major Insurance providers have a list of various car insurance benefits and within these benefits the level of cover might vary drastically! For example, some insurance companies may also include Windscreen Cover at no extra charge. At we want to give you total control over the cover you have and the cover you don’t!

One of our dedicated young driver insurance specialists is waiting to help you choose the benefits and cover that will work best for you.

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