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Summer Spike In Robberies Of Parked Cars Leads To Garda Campaign

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


'Most robberies occur between 12-7 PM during summer months' - An Garda Síochána

The pattern of robberies spiking during summer months has continued into 2017, prompting An Garda Síochána to launch a fresh awareness campaign. This campaign was even featured on crimecall with a particular emphasis on preventing thieves from breaking into parked cars. We have compiled a number of tips which may seem like common sense but are the primary reasons people might fall victim to opportunist thieves. A handful of change left on display inside your car could result in you forking out €200 for a new window or even put your no claims bonus in jeopardy.

  • Ensure doors are locked and windows fully closed (including the sun roof).

This again is a very common sense tip, however even a slightly rolled down window may entice would be thieves into targeting your car, make sure your car doesn't stand out or have a target attached.

  • Don't leave any money in plain sight inside your car.

We understand that toll bridges, car parks and drive-throughs all require a steady supply of coins which you need to have at hand inside your car. However you should always leave these out of sight. Make sure the middle pocket of your car is covered or coins are kept inside another unseen nook or cranny within your vehicle. Potential thieves may even be tempted to put your window in for the sake of some loose change you may have forgotten about, which could cost you a hefty sum for a new window. So the next time you grab a coffee on the way to work make sure you stash your change somewhere safe and don't tempt fate.

  • Don't leave any personal property inside your car.

This is particularly relevant with electronic devices. Phones, laptops, tablets etc. are some of the most tempting goods for car thieves as they provide a quick turnover. Please remember that under the seats is not strictly out of view, if someone decides to peer into your vehicle they will definitely scan the gap under the seats. If you must leave something of value in your car then make sure you stash it in the boot and do so before you arrive at whatever destination you will be leaving your car.

  • Avoid parking in isolated areas.

We understand that car parks can be particularly pricey, especially in city or town centre locations. However abandoning your car down some seedy back alley is not a viable solution to this problem. Where possible always leave your car in a well lit area where other cars are also parked, avoid isolated areas as these are where thieves will be most likely to lurk. €7 might seem very costly for a few hours parking however its a lot cheaper than a new window or a new laptop!

Over 10,000 cars are broken into each year in Ireland alone, make sure you don't let yours be added to that figure. Once again most of these tips are quite obvious and some are just plain common sense. However following these suggestions will make your car far less tempting to any unscrupulous individuals searching for an easy target.

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