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Driving Test Tips

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


How To Avoid Stress When Preparing For Your Driving Test

For many of us the driving test seems to be a daunting task. It is not designed to judge you, but to make sure you know what you are doing when finally hitting the road. You have been preparing for this moment with your driving instructor, however, the best preparation can be undone when your heart starts racing, your legs turn into jelly and your hands start shaking. has collected eight helpful tips on how to avoid stress when it comes to your driving test.

1. Don’t Announce It

Avoid telling everyone when you’re taking your test. Keep it a secret until you have passed. This will take the pressure off you that you have to pass on the first go.


2. Tell Yourself You're Ready

A good driving instructor would not put you forward for your test until you are a hundred per cent able to pass it. Knowing you will be tested on something you have done many times before can really help to feel confident.


3. Take A Mock Test

When learning how to drive, we constantly receive instructions, during the test we get no help or instructions form the examiner, except for directions. This can feel strange. Make sure you know what to expect during your test. Ask your instructor to do a test run with you. This will give you an idea what to expect on the day.


4. Pretend Your Actual Driving Test Is Just Another Mock Test

Pretend the examiner is just an additional passenger during another mock test. You will still put in your best performance but you will be less likely to panic. Remember, no one will ask you to do something you have never done before. Just recall what you have learned during your driving lessons and ask if you did not understand his or her instruction.


5. Keep To Your Routine On Your Exam Day

- Do not skip meals - eat something before your test that will help you concentrate, for example, a banana

- Arrive for you test in good time - about 15 minutes beforehand, so you do not need to hurry or wait for too long

- Stay off caffeine - drinking too much caffeine before the test might make you feel more agitated and nervous

- Go to the bathroom beforehand - you do not want any distractions during your test

- Take a walk, get some fresh air - this encourages your brain to release endorphins


6. Do Not Rush

Your driving test is not designed to evaluate how fast you can go around a corner. Take your time when it comes to the manoeuvres, you always have the possibility to correct yourself.


7. The Examiner Is Not Your Enemy

His or her aim is to make sure that you are not a danger to other road users or yourself. They know that you are likely to be nervous and can distinguish between a nervous driver and test nerves. The driving examiner is not there to make you fail. Pay attention to the instruction given and what is happening on the road. You will be fine!


8. Do Not Panic

If you make a mistake during your test, do not let it affect the rest of the driving time. The examiner will distinguish between minor and major errors. If you notice that you made a mistake, ask if you can do the manoeuver again. The test is not over until it's over.


Keep in mind that both your instructor and the examiner want you to pass. Take a deep breath, believe in yourself and pass your test! It will be over before you know it. 

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