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6 car gadgets all young drivers need 2022

Friday, October 30, 2020


Being a young driver can be daunting and sometimes you might wish there was things that could make it a little easier. Well the good news is that these products do exist. Determining the good ones from the OTT ones however, brings its own challenges. If you want to invest in some handy car gadgets that can simplify your life and make you a safer driver then listen up. Here are 10 great gadgets that you can drivers can avail of to make driving easier; we also have some handy nick-nacks that could have positive impact on your car insurance quote.

1. Y1 Mirror dash cam

Feeling safe in the car at all times is vital. That’s why dashcams are experiencing an increase in popularity. With the Y1 dash cam, you get both front view and rear view footage. The front camera of this device has a 1080p camera with a 138-degree wide lens. The review camera includes a touch screen that attaches over your current rear-view mirror so you can easily see what’s occurring in traffic.

While dashcams undoubtedly streamline the driving experience they’re also incredibly useful in the event of an accident. Because they are constantly recording, they provide vital evidence in the case of a claim with your insurance provider.

The Y1 cam additionally has a fatigue feature that alerts you after 2 hours of the driver. This means that you will be reminded to stop and take a rest or get a coffee before you proceed with your driving.

If you are interested in purchasing a Y1 mirror cam, you can do so here.

2. iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Fast Charging Dash & Windshield Mount

It might be a mouthful to say but this product is super handy. The iOttie will hold your phone in place in the car while simultaneously charging it. This product has been designed to support a whole host of smartphone sizes so you don’t need to worry if you don’t have the latest model of phone. The adjustable car mount also makes it simple to insert and remove your phone with one hand.

It also features a built in telescopic arm which allows it to move into a variety of positions so if you need to see your google maps from a different angle you can do so.

An additional perk is that if your phone is a QI device this charger can charge your phone 40 times faster than a regular charger. So what’s not to love?

3. Coouli cooler and warmer

2020 has unquestionably been the year of staycations. We’ve driven all around Ireland this year on staycations. While we can’t drive outside 5km at the moment, the day will come again when we’re back on our staycation game. This car gadget is ideal for keeping drinks and snacks cool or hot for the duration of your road trip.

If you want to stop for picnic or snack break on your travels and you don’t want to have to deal with warm minerals or cold food that should be hot, why not invest in this cool gadget.

To read more information or to purchase a cooluli cooler and warmer click here.

4. Tripworthy first aid kit

Okay, we know that this isn’t screaming modern technology to you but we have to include it because it’s an essential car accessory. A first aid kit can be extremely beneficial when the unexpected happens. Whether it’s an accident that happens inside or outside the car, a first aid kit can help you deal with small emergencies.

The tripworthy first aid kit has both premium medical supplies and survival gear all packed into a compact durable carrying case that only weighs 1 pound. So if you’re in need of an anti-bacterial wipe, a bandage, or even an emergency blanket this kit has you covered!

5. Backtrack professional breathalyzer

Drinking and driving is illegal as were all aware of. Driving the following day after drinking is also illegal if you are over the limit.  We’re all smart enough to know that you never step foot in the car after a drink. However, people are sometimes a bit more confident when it comes to driving the following day after drinking.

It’s easy to think you feel fine the afternoon after a night out, however you could very easily still be over the limit and that not only endangers you but it endangers others.

The backtrack breathalyzer provides police quality results with accuracy so you can make an informed and safe decision the following day after drinking. If the results show that you are over the limit even 12 hours after, then you will know that it is not safe to drive.

If you’re considering investing in a product like this then check them out here.

6. Jumping jack super max emergency jump-starter and portable USB charger

Car batteries run out, we’ve all been there. You forgot to switch off the light, or you accidentally left a door open, next thing you know your battery has run cleanout.

The jumping jack super max emergency jump starter & portable USB charger is a lightweight portable charger that can jump-start most diesel and petrol engine cars. This charger is also fully compatible with all modern smartphones, iPods, and kindles so you can charge your devices off it if you need to.

Another notable feature that this gadget has Is an LED torch, so if you need some extra light during a nighttime car battery issue, it has that too.

You can purchase one here.

Being a young driver isn’t easy, but there’s lots of great gadgets and old reliable out there that can streamline your road trips.

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